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Status: Currently being planned

Estimated Completion: End of July

Will allow learners to pay authors to mark worksheets that authors have posted and are willing to mark.

A user will request a worksheet to be marked by first submitting a pdf of a completed worksheet and paying for the marking. The author will not get the money until they have submitted the marked worksheet for the learner to view.

Learner Accounts

Status: Implemented

Estimated Completion: Active

The ability to login and have an account will be added for those who use to the platform to obtain learning material.

As of now the only benefit to having a learner account will be the ability to favourite worksheets.

When marking is added learners will have to use their accounts to be able to access the services of marking.


Status: Initial Idea

Estimated Completion: August

Authors will be given the option to add a tag that specifies that a worksheet is relevant to a particular area or region.

Learners will then be able to search for worksheets that contain relevant information or at least references about thier region.

It is thought that the consumers of the worksheets will appreciate the ability to search for worksheets that contain references to their region.

Author Account

Status: Implemented

Estimated Completion: Active

Authors who want to publish worksheets on the platform will be given their own account. From that account they will be able to submit worksheets under that author's name.

An author dashboard containing all possible options available to authors will be included to allow them ease of use.

If one wants to have an author account they can email kodyrogers21@gmail.

Download Count

Status: Implemented

Estimated Completion: Active

Everytime a worksheet is viewed it will be counted. Under the worksheet preview a total count will be visible.

It will tell learners and authors which worksheets are popular. Admin will also have another way to see how well the site is doing.

Worksheet Bounty

Status: Initial Idea

Estimated Completion: No Estimation

If a learner has a worksheet that they want to see made they can post a bounty encouraging authors to make that worksheet.

If a author creates the worksheet the bounty goes to the author as an award/payment for making the worksheet.

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